Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't embarrass me at Jubilee celebrations!- Kate Middleton tells Pippa:

The Duchess of Cambridge 
 made desperate call to her sister Pippa Middleton: "Please do not bother me."

Friends say Kate Middleton, she is afraid to love 
 Party Pippa, 28, is in the back of the stage during the weekend of the anniversary - and she is concerned about the excesses of his other sister, could damage their already strained relationship yet.

Kate, 30, made the call through their mother, Carol Middleton, 57, has been found that Pippa was invited to join the anniversary this weekend in the park.

Sources say that the royal family were all young people are warned that their best behavior, but in particular, the consultants kept a close eye on her sister Kate's secular, to be sure that it is not Kate's distant or, worse yet, the Queen.

Pippa previous offenses, which include the bride hugging McQueen, who made his ass a worldwide sensation, and his wild party in Paris in April, which led to a friend pointing fake gun to the photographers.

At the present time are asked to keep "good, formal and elegant," the anniversary of cleavage and did not at least 
 an ultra-short dress.

Read the full story of Kate and Pippa Middleton is currently the magazine on June 4, 2012 - Now!

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