Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pippa Middleton gets the doc Treatment

Target Entertainment Productions and co-produced two documents dealing with back2back Duchess of Cambridge and her sister made the headlines: Kate and Real Housewives of Anglesey and the search for Pippa Middleton.

Target owns the international rights for one hour documentaries, In Search of Pippa Middleton Bio channel is already available in the UK.

Pippa Middleton rapid recovery of the document is the younger sister of Kate Middleton, who became the world's fascination with the sisters after the wedding, Prince William Royal. Pippa Middleton're looking to learn more about Middleton.

Kate and tangible Housewives of Anglesey is a representational active the citizenry of the dry land and his thoughts on the new Lord and Lady of Cambridge University who lively in their little townspeople.

Alison Rayson, CEO of Target, said: "We are very pleased to work with back2back again. David Notman-Watt Pippa and Kate Middleton documentaries delve into the lives of the most talked about nurses in the modern mire.Appetit to learn more about his life with an insatiable global audience and so it was a very simple solution in this case, and as co-producer and distributor. "

David Notman-Watt, executive producer back2back, added: "In Search of Pippa Middleton ... we will see that" P-midshipman, and how she manages life in the glare of public adoration. Kate and Real Housewives of Anglesey, an accompanying document, is a humorous, light, the wife of Anglesey, which is now near to the future Queen of England. "

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