Monday, May 30, 2011

Has Pippa Middleton got the fever for Justin Bieber?

After the appearance of a scene stealing Pippa Middleton at royal wedding, the 17-year-old billionaire, made no secret of his admiration for the chief bride.

Pop star Justin Bieber wrote his 10 million followers in Twitter: "Congratulations to William and Kate ... and her sister Kate.

He also described 27 years as "affected" by dipping, tight clothing. Four weeks later, Mike and Carole Middleton, it seems, there is every reason to be thankful for the effect of Pippa.

Their company, Party Pieces, has reached an agreement to sell variety of goods Bieber on their website.
He is one of the many license agreements signed recently, the family, which experts predict could kill millions of people. Posted quietly on the site, perhaps to avoid accusations of cashing in their royal connection, resulting in the appearance of products for Disney's Toy Story 3 and Nintendo's Super Mario in recent weeks.

Royal author Phil Dampier said the family was forced to walk a fine line that must regard earlier this year, in their street party patriotic memorabilia sold in the period before marriage.

He said: "It is important that they do not exaggerate. Anything that resembles a collection can be viewed as a problem for the sky, especially now that Kate is so low profile at the moment.

"On the other hand Pippa night was one of the most famous women in the world, and we're still waiting to hear if she will have the role of the royal maids of honor.

"It is now a dream of every man and marketing to attract huge levels of attention, so they should think about how far to go with it."

Bieber representatives confirmed that an agreement was reached with the parties frequently, and that the star had "worked closely on all their products. Range" Justin Bieber Ultimate Party Kit for diehard fans £ 20,89, which includes a set of plates, cups, napkins, banners and balloons to 16 people.
Bieber chirped enthusiastically Pippa saw a royal wedding

Bieber chirped enthusiastically Pippa saw a royal wedding

There is also a choice of low price offers the party bearing the face of Bieber, including necklaces VIP badge, £ 1,99 for a pack of four, priced decorative ribbon for $ 2.25, or take a piƱata birthday Trade £ 13,99.

Section in Part Times writes: "The girls all over the world with a mind of Bieber. In fact, they love Justin Bieber as a pop star now has his own party favors.

He goes to the "cheap" movie theme for the red carpet bash, including the dress code "pop star", and using your father as a fake paparazzi.

Also newly available on similar sets of groups on Nintendo Super Mario, an animated film "Toy Story 3 touchdowns, the production of Disney / Pixar, and Manchester United.

Business exploded at the site as a marriage, especially across the Atlantic, where the royal wedding fever is still very high.

Legal source, specializing in intellectual property rights, said: "This is a real coup for the Middletons have captured stars like Justin Bieber, with an international arena.
work on two large farms near the home in rural Berkshire. Shortly before the royal wedding, more than a dozen trucks and vans, and trailers were seen loaded with control.

Middletons operate their business in the private lives of its profit or loss on disposal of everyone except themselves. This is because the party Pieces trading as a partnership rather than a public company, as a result of registration of accounts with Companies House.

The downside is that if the company did not, their property and their homes were in danger. It is also unlikely that the queen goes to a concert Justin Bieber.

There is no mortgage on an apartment in Chelsea that Carole and Michael Middleton, clean, and paid 795,000 pounds in cash. It is used mainly on children and are currently 1.2 million pounds.

There are only a small mortgage on his house in the village of Bucklebury, worth about 1.5 million pounds. When they bought several acres of land near their home in 2005 they paid £ 295,000 in cash.

"This is not the fault of Middletons, he was concentrating on their business," says the insider Royal.

"But the party room is now on the radar of hundreds of thousands more people than ever before. Their connection, they will inevitably attract more potential clients and thus increase sales."

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